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ASL Music Camp

Unlock Your Musical Interpretation Skills


Are You Ready to Elevate Your Musical Interpretation Skills?

Designed for interpreters, both certified and non-certified, as well as music enthusiasts, this immersive program is your gateway to a world where music and sign language unite to create unforgettable experiences.

July 8 to 12, 2024

Austin, Texas


Payment plan can be arranged at time of registration.

Why ASL Music Camp?

What's Included In The Package*

Fun Activities

Enjoy exciting recreational activities that add a dash of adventure to your learning experience.

Delicious Meals

Savor mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you energized throughout the camp.

Cozy Lodging

Enjoy ASL-centric lodging for relaxation and casual interaction, enhancing your ASL experiences.

*Travel to/from camp not included. Limited seats. Schedule and other details provided after registration.

Empowering Workshops For ASL Interpreters


Music Interpreting is More Than Words: Intensive Musicality

Unlock the true essence of music interpretation beyond just lyrics. Delve into the rich layers of composition, harmony, and rhythm, exploring how each instrument speaks its own language. Gain insights into the chemistry of music and its profound impact on the Deaf brain.

Music Interpreting Perspective from the Community of Black Deaf
Artists and Interpreters

Immerse yourself in the cultural nuances of Black Deaf artistry and interpretation. Discover the appropriate portrayal of artists, navigating slang, and conveying the intricate wordplay of rap and hip-hop. Expand your understanding of interpretation goals, empowering deaf patrons to connect with music authentically.

Effectively Teaming in a Concert Setting 

Master the art of collaboration and support in the dynamic world of concerts and festivals. Explore the essential skills of teamwork, trust, and preparation, essential for delivering outstanding access in fast-paced environments. Elevate your concert interpreting prowess.

Music and Ethics: A Choreographed Dance

Embark on a journey of ethical exploration within the music industry. Navigate real-world scenarios, fostering healthy decision-making strategies rooted in professional conduct. Engage in collaborative discussions to cultivate a culture of integrity and accountability.

Social Media Management as an Ally/Interpreter 

Navigate the complexities of social media management with integrity and sensitivity. Learn best practices for creating compliant, considerate, and engaging content that fosters meaningful connections within the Deaf community.

More workshops will be posted soon!


Immerse Yourself in Music at ASL Music Camp!

July 8 to 12, 2024

Austin, Texas

Lodging, meals, activities, and CEUs included

All for just $1,600!

Payment plan can be arranged at time of registration.

Camp Admin Team

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