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Kelly Kurdi

ASL Interpreter

Kelly Kurdi's journey into the world of sign language interpretation is a testament to the power of encouragement and passion. Initially learning ASL from Deaf friends, Kelly never considered becoming an interpreter until their support and guidance motivated her to pursue testing.

Her educational path led her to Gallaudet University, where she graduated with a BA in English through the HUGS program, showcasing her dedication to linguistic excellence and cultural understanding.

Kelly's professional qualifications include being a BEI Master and a Spanish trilingual, validated by Berlitz testing and approval. Her trilingual proficiency adds a unique dimension to her interpretation skills, enhancing accessibility for a wider audience.

One of Kelly's greatest joys is witnessing Deaf interpreters shine on stage, a testament to her love for fostering talent within the Deaf community. Her experiences with AGP allows her to connect with fellow music enthusiasts in the Deaf community and collaborate with an exceptional team.

Kelly feels blessed to be on this incredible journey, where her passion for sign language, music, and community engagement converges into meaningful and impactful work.

Kelly Kurdi



Favorite Artist:

Houston, TX, USA


Lil Wayne


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