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Featured In Houston Chronicle: RodeoHouston worked to make this year's rodeo more accessible. Here's how.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo implemented three major changes this year to help increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

Rodeo officials added an American sign language interpreter for all the events inside NRG Stadium, a sensory room in NRG Stadium and an ADA Handicapped bathroom.

Attendees can watch a livestream of the sign language interpreters on their phones. Amber Galloway, a renowned sign language interpreter whose company Amber G Productions is working with the rodeo on this project, said this is the first time she has ever heard of an event organizer of this size doing such a livestream.

“We’re always trying to be innovative,” said Holly Schweitzer, Houston Rodeo director of customer experience. “We want to make our event all-inclusive. We want everybody to be able to come out and enjoy it.”


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