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Amber Galloway

CEO, Music Interpreter, Mother and Motivational speaker

Amber Galloway is celebrated for her unique talent in bridging the profound connection between lyrics and sounds. Through her mesmerizing music interpretations, she unveils the emotional bonds that have drawn music lovers to concerts for decades. What sets Amber apart is her extraordinary ability to make music come alive, and Deaf audience members have often expressed how her interpretations allowed them to connect with music on a deeper level than ever before.

Amber's journey began with a profound love for both music and the Deaf community. However, it was in 1998, while watching the captivating performances of the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company and the Wild Zappers, that she had a transformative moment. It was then that she realized the immense potential of music interpreting and how it could bridge the accessibility gap in the music industry. This pivotal experience ignited her passion for making music accessible to all.

Amber's commitment to her craft took an even more profound turn after she contracted spinal meningitis while working as an interpreter, which resulted in her own hearing loss. This personal journey only deepened her advocacy efforts, inspiring her to ensure that music remains a universal language that transcends barriers.

With over 22 years of interpreting experience and a Master's Degree in ASL/English Interpreting, Amber continues to be a trailblazer, reshaping the way we experience the harmony of music.

Amber Galloway



Favorite Artist:

Pflugerville, Texas, USA




National Certification RID CT&CI, NIC, Texas BEI Level V, Oral Certified: Comprehensive

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