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Carly Zimmermann

ASL Interpreter

Carly Zimmermann's journey into sign language interpretation is a story of friendship, support, and a passion for communication. From a young age, Carly immersed herself in the Deaf community, learning ASL through her interactions with Deaf friends who later encouraged her to pursue interpreting.

Carly's background as a professional dancer added a unique perspective to her understanding of expression and communication. Her dedication to mastering ASL led her back to school for a second Bachelors of Art in ASL/English Interpretation at Columbia College, Chicago, where she honed her skills and knowledge.

Carly holds her NIC Certification and is licensed to interpret in Illinois and Indiana, showcasing her commitment to professional excellence and providing quality access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Carly enjoys exploring new places with her husband and children, accompanied by their beloved dog Kevin. She values spending time with friends, attending shows, and embarking on travel adventures across the country and abroad.

Carly Zimmermann



Favorite Artist:

Chicago, IL, USA


Jake Wesley Rogers


NIC Certified. Licensed in IL, KY, IN, MI.

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