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Corinna Cozart

ASL Interpreter

Corinna’s journey began with her Deaf grandmother, whose influence sparked her passion for American Sign Language (ASL). Their close bond remained until her grandmother's passing in 2018, leaving a lasting impact on Corinna's life and career.

Graduating from RIT/NTID in Rochester, NY, with a BA in ASL/English Interpretation in 2013 marked the beginning of Corinna's dedicated commitment to providing exceptional access as an interpreter. She holds NIC certification and has completed Project CLIMB’s Legal Interpreting Training program, reflecting her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise in diverse interpreting contexts.

Corinna is actively involved in professional development, exploring new horizons such as studying atypical language, to enhance her skills and understanding in the field of interpretation. Her enthusiasm for interpreting music adds a dynamic layer to her skills, offering genuine access to fellow music enthusiasts and embracing the challenge of conveying musical expression through ASL.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Corinna enjoys spending quality time with her family and two dogs. She is passionate about fitness, engaging in activities like weightlifting and boxing, and finds solace in nature, balancing her love for interpreting with a well-rounded lifestyle.

Corinna Cozart



Favorite Artist:

San Diego, CA, USA


Kendrick Lamar



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