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Flo McHenry

ASL Interpreter

Meet Flo McHenry, a passionate advocate for Deaf culture and language. Her journey began over a decade ago in high school, where she discovered ASL—a subject that resonated deeply with her and provided a sense of belonging. As a Black woman navigating predominantly White spaces, Flo found solace and community in the Deaf world, forging lasting connections and gaining invaluable experiences.

Flo's dedication to advancing Deaf education and representation led her to study abroad in South Africa, where she immersed herself in Black Deaf Education and South African Sign Language. This eye-opening experience highlighted the stark disparities in interpreter representation, fueling Flo's commitment to advocacy and cultural empowerment.

With certifications in RID NIC and a background in Deaf Studies and Higher Education Leadership, Flo strives to ensure equitable access, accurate interpretations, and cultural competency in her work. Outside of her professional pursuits, Flo is a self-published poet and the Chair of the Board for the nonprofit organization, the Black Deaf Project. She finds joy in dancing, socializing, and embracing life's vibrant rhythms.

Flo McHenry



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Los Angeles, CA, USA




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