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Ima Faith Hernandez

ASL Interpreter

Ima Faith Hernandez brings a rich heritage to her work, being the 7th generation to graduate from the Texas School for the Deaf. Growing up in a no-headphone zone, Ima developed a keen interest in pushing for change, particularly in expressing the essence of music through sign language interpretation.

Ima's love for music has been a constant companion, shaping her journey as an interpreter. Despite her initial shyness, she found inspiration in sharing the music's sound and vibe with others, especially her family and close friends.

Her path towards music interpretation deepened with opportunities from Amber, where she discovered a profound passion for the field. Driven by the desire to provide equal access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, Ima found her dream job in music interpretation, a role she cherishes deeply.

For Ima, music isn't just a profession but a love that fuels her work every day. She believes in freeing minds and connecting through the rhythm of beats, creating magical experiences for everyone involved. Ima looks forward to meeting and sharing these experiences with you.

Ima Faith Hernandez



Favorite Artist:

San Antonio, TX, USA


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