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JoAnn Benfield

ASL Interpreter

Meet JoAnn Benfield, a vibrant member of the AGP team. Born to Deaf parents and raised among Deaf relatives, JoAnn's journey has been deeply intertwined with Deaf culture from the start. She brings a wealth of experience from both mainstream and Deaf school settings, graduating from Gallaudet University—a testament to her unwavering passion for Deaf-centric education.

JoAnn is B.E.I. Certified in Missouri and Texas, leveraging her expertise to provide equal access to language across various platforms. Since joining AGP in 2014, she has been instrumental in delivering high-quality interpretation services and fostering inclusive environments for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Beyond her professional endeavors, JoAnn is passionate about ASL music covers, stage performances, dancing, and acting. She finds joy in helping others, educating, and exploring interests such as astrology, nature, and tarot cards. With her supportive partner Andrew and two adorable fur-babies, Fiona and June Moon, by her side, JoAnn reflects, “be kind, compassionate, and loving to others, but most of all - to yourself.”

JoAnn Benfield



Favorite Artist:

Fulton, Missouri, USA


Tove Lo


Texas and Missouri BEI CDI

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