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Featured In KXAN: ASL Interpreters Return to Austin City Limits

KXAN, a news outlet, spotlights AV interpreting at Austin City Limits.
Credit: KXAN

American Sign Language interpreters have been a part of the Austin City Limits Music Festival for several years, and 2022 was no different.

This year, Austin-based Amber G Productions provided ASL interpreting services and staffing. According to ACL Fest organizer C3 Presents, 2022 was the second year the vendor interpreted at the festival.

“Since 2014, Amber G Productions has sourced sign language interpreters who specialize in music performance work,” a C3 spokesperson said. “They use a mixture of local talent and outside talent to try and bring about the most equality to the experience with native signers and highly certified interpreters from various backgrounds and cultures.”

ACL Fest organizers said there were 14 ASL interpreters working at the festival this year.

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