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Featured In The Hollywood Reporter: How the Recording Academy, RAMPD Expanded Accessibility and Disability Inclusion for the Grammys’ L.A. Return

Following last year's efforts in Las Vegas, which saw ASL carpet interpreters go viral, one of the music industry's biggest nights returned with a more accessible venue and a preshow unlike any other.

Before last year’s televised Grammys ceremony began, the award show had already garnered viral attention for its use of ASL interpreters on the red carpet.

An accessibility measure rarely presented during the entertainment industry’s major awards shows, the presence of the sign language interpreters was the byproduct of more than a year’s worth of conversations between the Recording Academy and Recording Artists and Music Professionals With Disabilities (RAMPD), a global network of talent and industry members who consult and advise around disability inclusion and accessibility for the music and events industry.


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